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ClamberPrufe Clear View Fence Specialists

Choose from a wide range of ClamberPrufe clear view products; let us put the clearview fencing solution together for you.

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ClamberPrufe Clear View Fencing Gauteng

Aesthetically pleasing,high security clear view fencing adapted to suit your security fencing needs

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High Security Fencing

You'll be surprised to see the final results of your ClamberPrufe clear view fence project & and would crave for more.

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ClamberPrufe ClearView Fencing

Secure It. ClamberPrufe It.

ClamberPrufe Clear View Fencing Gauteng SA

We strive to provide our customers with top notch support to suit clear view fencing needs Start Now
Mesh panel fencing

Dynamically Engineered clear view panels ClamberPrufe Quality

ClamberPrufe Clear View Fence series has been engineered to provide you with the best qualities of mesh panel fencing. High, Medium and Low security options with Anti-climb and Anti-cut properties due to fence apertures.

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High Rigidity Multiple V-bends

ClamberPrufe clear view is manufactured with high tensile wire of up to 745MPA supported with mutliple v-bends and a vertical wire arrangement, adding increased rigidity to our range of mesh fence panels. Offering maximum protection for permimeter fences.

Clearview Fence

Aesthetically Pleasing Unobtrusive Mesh Panels

ClamberPrufe Clear View Fencing offers high visibilty or see through appearance when one looks at the mesh panel, creating a sense of freedom.

Quality Product

Custom designed and dynamically engineered security fencing solutions

Finance Assistance

Finance options available on all security fencing products and services

Competitive Pricing

Highly competitive pricing due to economies of scale, good procurement practice and locally manufactured product

Cost Effective Solutions

Your project delivered on time and to budget, outstanding results with exceptional value

Certified Clear View Installers

ClamberPrufe Clear View trained installers used for clear view installations nationwide

Quality Workmanship

Appropriate solution provision, unrivalled quality in product and workmanship

Some of Our Products

ClamberPrufe HiSecure Clear View Fence Range

High Security

ClamberPrufe EconoSecure Clear View Fence Range

Medium Security / Perimeter

ClamberPrufe EconoSecure Clear View Range

Medium Security / Perimeter

ClamberPrufe MaxiSecure Clear View Fence Range

Low Security / Economical

ClamberPrufe SimpliSecure Clear View Fence Range

Low Security / Economical

Square Tube Post System

Can be used with any ClamberPrufe clearview mesh panel type

IPE Post System

Can be used with any ClamberPrufe clear view fence panel type
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Jumalu Fencing is a South African private company supplying specialist ClamberPrufe Clear View Fencing security fencing solutions known for its clear view aesthetic Jumalu offers an extensive range of innovative, aesthetically pleasing, high quality clear view fencing products to secure people, property, premises and assets. Jumalu’ differentiating factor is based on service excellence, appropriate solution provision, unrivalled quality in product and workmanship, always at the right price. Our vigorous attention to detail at every stage of the project is the primary reason that Jumalu is a preferred supplier for many of South Africa’s leading architects, property managers, specifiers and their discerning clients…

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We are a small team ,bright and dynamic steeped in years of hands-on experience in the fencing industry. Our team ethic is strong, both between ourselves and working closely with you, quickly getting to grips with the dynamics of your operation. We build trust across teams so that we can really examine the detail of the security challenges your business faces. We also know that the hard work often starts after decisions are made. Our clients come back to us time and again because we only ever promise what we know we can deliver. And we do deliver - on time, within budget. No surprises.

We have built a trusted reputation over the past 25 years for designing, constructing and installing superior quality mesh panel fencing and gate access systems. We are hard working South Africans striving to provide you with the best service.

  • 100% Assurance
  • Hard Working
  • Trustworthy
  • Intelligent
  • Always Curious
  • Perfectionists
  • Friendly & Helpful
  • Accomodating Nature
  • Available 24x7

Jumalu Fencing is a homegrown South African private company supplying specialist ClamberPrufe clear view security fencing solutions specializing in ClamberPrufe clear view fencing

23 Dakota Crescent
Airport Park,Germiston
South Africa
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We prize our Clients more than everything else. We strive to provide Quality Services to all our Clients on a Priority Basis. You are invited to join our Clients List and enjoy our Services. See more...